Friday, June 24, 2016

Implementing a Schedule

One week ago the work that had been done by Stephanie Douglas and Erik Tollerud was merged into astroplan. I made a straw-man API for scheduling in astroplan, partially based off their work, and submitted it as a proposal PR to get feedback on what makes sense and what should be added/changed to the way that users will interact with the schedulers.

Most of my work this week has been on creating a Schedule class that would provide a consistent format for the output of the schedulers. This process required modifying the schedulers to use the Schedule class. During my modifications I found, and fixed, a couple of bugs in their code that were causing faulty results. I also started writing the body of tests that will be needed to make sure each part of the scheduling is working properly. My PR for the changes can be found here.

Looking forward, I'm going to be working on the scheduling to make it more flexible and extensible. The first step for that will be allowing a user to input multiple targets that must be observed in succession, and the code being able to handle that properly.

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