Friday, August 19, 2016

Cleaning Up and Documenting

This is my final blog for the Google Summer of Code, wrapping up the work that I did for it.

Astroplan has been fantastic to work on. Over the summer we have implemented a scheduling module complete with tests and documentation. I have written and fixed code all over the package, some of which got added and some of it was rejected or required further modification. The code that I wrote can be found here: a list of my pull requests to astroplan, and a list of commits that were in the accepted PRs. As a part of the documentation I wrote a tutorial on how to use the scheduling module that can be found in the astroplan documentation.

I am planning on continuing to work on astroplan after the Summer of Code ends, especially working on improving the scoring and scheduling currently in place.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Many Merges into Astroplan

During the past two weeks, a lot of PRs were merged into astroplan (17 as of today, 5 of which are mine). These have moved astroplan over to astropy 1.2.1, made Constraint outputs more consistent and added new functionality and bug-fixes, and condensed a few methods, in the Scheduling module. It has been really cool seeing all the different people adding to the package and trying to make it better.

My focus is now more heavily on writing tests, documentation, and tutorials as I get closer to the end of the Google Summer of Code. I'm looking forward to continuing to work on astroplan after the Google Summer of Code ends.